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Premium digital dentures made affordable


Per denture


Per denture

Accepting Canada Dental Care Plan as of 

Nov 2024



Smile without sacrifice 

Our philosophy ​

A smile should not cost a fortune. We know dentures are crucial for a person's overall health. Unfortunately, a third of Canadians are unable to afford dentures due to their cost. We believe in making professional denture services accessible to everyone. Our process provides top-quality dentures at the most affordable prices on the market. Here's how we do it.

Girl at the Dentist

POP-up Clinics 

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Digital Technology




Easy Adjustments

We open on specific dates at regular partner locations 

Digital dentures are superior in esthetics and comfort  

One-on-one online consultation and professional follow-ups

We make sure your dentures fit and are well-adjusted

Why Choose Us?

Digital dentures

Tired of dentures not fitting? We ensure you get a beautiful & comfortable denture, you'll love.

Knowledge & EXPERTISE

We are dentist-operated and provide the highest degree of dental care.

FRee Online Consultation

We are happy to answer all your denture-related questions, it's free.


Want to know how much you're covered? We submit do the work and submit an estimate for you*

*starts Nov 2024

Our Dentures

Partial Denture

Replaces a few missing teeth

Complete Denture

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Replaces all teeth   

See Our Frequently Asked Questions 

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