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Are these real dentures?

Yes, they are! These are the same dentures you'd get from a dentist or denturist. All dentures are designed and quality checked by certified a dental technician or a dentist. 

How come your dentures are so affordable?

We strive to keep our overheads low. Smile Wide has its very own simplified denture-making process, which allows us to save time and resources without ever sacrificing quality. 

What is included in the price of my dentures?

Our prices include your consultation, visits, your denture, delivery, and your adjustment kit. 

What if the denture does not fit?

In the rare eventuality your dentures do not fit, we will make sure to follow up and figure out why. We are happy to make a new one or you can also choose to obtain a full refund. 

Do I need special skills or tools to adjust my denture?

Your dentures are delivered already adjusted. If you feel the need to adjust them with the adjustment kit, no special skills are required. You just need a bit of dexterity as most of the work consists of removing small zones of pressure on your denture. Smile Wide provides clear instructions.

What if I ruin my denture while adjusting it?

This scenario is unlikely as our adjustment kit cannot damage the denture and you can request to be guided by our team during adjustments, but we understand odd accidents can happen. In the eventuality, you make a mistake and the dentures cannot be worn, we can make you a new denture at a lesser cost. 

Do I have to have a consultation prior to purchasing my dentures?

Yes, you need a consultation online or by phone prior to proceeding with dentures. We collected some basic health information and make sure our service is right for you. It's 100% free and there's absolutely no obligation. Ask your questions and share your concerns; we'll take the time to listen. 

Do I have to see a dentist before ordering dentures?

We require you to undergo a dental examination by a dentist prior to ordering dentures. You need healthy teeth and gums in order to make good dentures and any unaddressed underlying issue might affect the look or fit of your denture. 

Can I make a copy of my existing dentures? 

Yes, you can. We are happy to provide this service. Please call us and mention it or email us at

What if I don't like my dentures?

No worries. We will get in touch with you to figure out what went wrong and issue a full refund. 

Can I get my insurance to cover this?

Yes, Smile Wide's fees can be covered by your dental insurance.  

Do you have an office?

We do not have an office but we utilize local community spaces to deliver denture care. Check on our Facebook page to see the latest location of the interim-clinics. 

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