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A. Tell us a bit about yourself 

2) Which statment describes you best?
3) Are you currently wearing dentures?

B. Are you ready for dentures?

5) We cannot make dentures if you have the following condition(s): 

Loose teeth, loose crowns or loose veneers


Wear of a retainer or braces


Currently experiencing pain, open wounds, and/or broken teeth in your mouth



Using dentures with any of the above conditions can have serious consequences on your oral health.  We recommend you see a dentist before making dentures. 

6) Smile Wide requires a dental exam by a dentist prior to getting dentures. This ensures that your mouth is healthy and your teeth have no underlying issue.


Why a dental exam? Dentures can use teeth as anchors, it is therefore important that all teeth are healthy. Unhealthy teeth may become loose with the wear of a denture. Valid documentation will be required to proceed with our service.

Once your form is submitted, you can book an online consultation with one of our denture specialists. Ask us your questions and let us help you choose the right denture.

Consultation Form

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