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Our goal is to offer affordable dentures to Canadians through the combination of online and in-person care. 
Here's how we do it.


A recent dental exam 

It is necessary to have healthy teeth or gums for dentures, and you must have had a dental exam in the last 12 months that cleared you for dentures.

Ontario resident 

Smile Wide only operates in the province of Ontario, Canada. 



Free Online Consultation

Consultations are free and with no obligation. We are always happy to answer your questions.


Come to a pop-up  clinic

We list all pop-up clinics on our website. Let us take care of everything; we gather required data for dentures.


Denture Fabrication

You will receive your custom denture within 3-4 weeks after ordering.


Try-in Appointment (at-home)

For full dentures, we want the perfect fit and look, this is why we will send you a trial denture before fabricating the final denture.


Denture Delivery 

We adjust your dentures at our pop-up location. We will provide you with an adjustment kit and instructions on how to care for it.

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